Client: Domotechniki S.A. Technical Projects 

Promotional material for apartments for sale. Consists of 32 cards, dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm, printed on both sides

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Project Description

The aim of the project was to present in the most attractive and comprehensive way

the apartments for sale to the perspective buyers. The apartments are part of a residential

complex situated in the city of Volos in Greece. The complex consists of two buildings one of which

overlooks the seafront and the other one has a view to the mountain. The solution was to create

a “kit of information” for all apartments for sale. That consists of a folder containing 32 cards.

Each card presents an apartment: the front side of the card consists of pictures and a floor plan,

the back side has the specific characteristics of the apartment as well as the exact location

of the apartment on the floor plan of the building. The colour coding indicates the location

of the apartment within the complex (green for the front building and blue for the back building).

There are also a few cards that contain general information about the complex and its architecture

and finally some cards with beautiful full-size pictures of the common yard and the roof garden.