Bold / Ogilvy won the “Golden Hermes” award for the best advertising

campaign of the year (2001) at the 11th Festival of Greek Advertising. 

Advertising Company: Bold / Ogilvy

Product: Panafon CU - Prepaid mobile service

Client: PANAFON S.A.

Creative Team:

Creative Director: Manolis Filaitis

Art Directors: Alexandra Kokkevi, Alexandra Zafolia, Marilora Kapodistria

Copywriters: Manolis Filaitis, George Iakovidis

“Communication in two Lines”

The target audience was the key element for the formation of this campaign

as well as the creation of the products’ image. The goal was to create a trendy product that would touch the young people. The difficulty was to approach

a complex and diverse audience whose ideas and trends vary. So we were

on the search for a simple but strong idea that could fit in everything that

represents young people. That’s how the essence and the slogan of the

campaign was created: “Communication in two lines”. A slogan that

embodies the simplicity that young people value.

The award was a product of team work which included the entire range

of the promotional material. It began with finding the proper name for

the product, designing the logo and the identity of the product, creating

radio and tv spots, ads for magazines and newspapers as well as outdoors.

My contribution as an Art Director in the specific campaign had to do with

the concept and the design of a series of tv spots. The idea was to somehow implement the slogan “communication in two lines” in the tv campaign.

By the means of animation I managed to give life to two lines which were

interacting in various ways (flirting, playing basket etc.) and eventually

formed the logo of the product.

Here is one of the spots I created: “See you (CU) Love”

The credits for the awarded campaign as published

ιn the Marketing Week magazine

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